The Rake Issue 26 Out Now — Both Print And Digital Editions

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In this issue of The Rake, we talk to Ferrari’s Chairman and motorsport’s Midas, Luca di Montezemolo, on his formula for success. Other features include Armani’s projection of a new style order, the resurrection of masculinity, phenomenal fittings with Canali and Steven Hitchcock, and the art of material perfection with Ermenegildo Zegna.

King of Tailors, Tailor of Kings

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Camps de Luca interview

Marc and Julien de Luca of French bespoke tailoring house Camps de Luca, talk about their heritage, signature teardrop pocket and the resurgence of a demand for quality and authentic craftsmanship in the younger generation.

The Sartorial Oscars

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Golden Shears Awards 2013 — a celebration of bespoke tailoring held in the prestigious Merchant Taylors’ Hall on the 18th of March 2013.

For those of you who aren’t quite familiar, The Golden Shears Award is a bespoke tailoring competition held at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall every two years. It is a unique opportunity for tailoring apprentices and students from across the UK to show their craft skills and creative vision in a truly spectacular setting. On March 18th 2013, twenty-four finalists watched as their creations made their way down a professional catwalk with the chance of winning one of the top three prizes.

A Night To Remember

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George Cleverley Trunk Show

13 March 2013 — The Presidential suite at The Four Seasons hotel, Singapore played host to George Cleverley’s 5th trunk show in Singapore. Co-hosted by The Rake and co-sponsored by Balvenie, the night proved to be a quaint evening in the company of great friends, excellent whisky and some of the best made shoes in the world.

Blue Suede Shoes

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Schnieder Boots

If you were in any other shop, you might think that the dramatic photographs hanging on the window side walls, of riders wearing Schnieder boots were designed to convince you of the boots’ performance credentials — a marketing banality of sorts. The reality is that if you’re already in the shop you need no convincing.

An Experience To Be Spoken For

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Coutours offers an gawp-a-minute tour of Mayfair — the style capital of the English capital.

Any seasoned reader of The Rake has his favoured tailor on The Row, and can reel off a list of must-visit, iconic London purveyors of gentleman’s finery, past and present. But, for those who hunger for a deeper understanding of the history of Mayfair — London’s epicentre of elegant gentlemen’s style — a new service, jauntily named ‘Be Spoken For’, will furnish even the most knowledgeable style maven with extra bar-room bragging rights.

A Stitch In Time

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The Milanese Buttonhole

There are two reasons why you won’t see many people with Milanese buttonholes adorning their suits; very few tailors can make them and even fewer are willing to. Beyond the challenge presented by an esoteric technique, the extra time required to create the tight, clean appearance of a Milanese buttonhole means an unnecessary cost.