Zegna Codesilk

Posted on October 24th, by Simon Crompton in Academy, Temporal. 1 Comment

Claims to have the finest wool in the world are common, but it is rare that one of the great mills comes up with a new cloth that could make a genuine difference to customers of tailoring worldwide.

Zegna promises just that with Codesilk, a collection of fabrics made from pure silk to be used in winter garments. The fabrics have been developed through the research and experience of Tessitura di Novara, which has been part of the Zegna group since 2009.

Although silk is more commonly used as a spring and summer cloth, Zegna calls on the thermal properties of silk to offer an alternative interpretation for colder months – one combed and thick with a longer nap. The jackets, suits and coats will be lightweight, and feel fine and smooth, with the natural sheen of silk.

One thought on “Zegna Codesilk

  1. Although the R and D for this type of fabric is obviously costly I am nonetheless surprised that it hasn’t been developed earlier, especially given the scale of the luxury men’s clothing trade. Anyone who has worked in tropical climates knows that whatever the lightness and beauty of silk it is far from being a cool wearing fabric and certainly lacks the comfort of cotton and cotton-linen blends. Hence, a product which captures the thermal performance of silk and the soft handling of high grade wool would be a welcome innovation for the colder seasons. The luxurious sheen that comes with silk and silk blends will also be a bonus, much improving on the opaque, heavy fabrics commonly associated with the winter months. That this product will be made from pure silk thread will, of course, take it firmly into the elite segment of the luxury market but hopefully as it gains acceptance it will expand from this base and, consequently, add much to the aesthetics of our current winter wear.

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