The English Gentleman: Meet Me in Rio!

Posted on July 1st, by Wei Koh in Academy, Atelier, Bespoken, Features. 6 comments

Location: London. But not for long, because the erstwhile English Gentleman feels his heart beating to the syncopated rhythm of the salsa beat put there by South American beauty Danielle. So, he’s trading in his current digs and switching up his hemispheres, now destined for the warm sunshine, as well as the burgeoning affection and warm embrace of his mystical raven-haired temptress.


Step one: politely but firmly break up with his current paramour, Emma. Step two: prepare for the journey to Rio by commissioning the finest garments Savile Row has to offer, all exclusively fabricated from the mystical material known as Cool Wool. The English Gentleman knows that merino wool is the finest fabric on earth: 100-percent natural and renewable, providing resilience and softness thanks to its long fibres, it will keep the English Gentleman ever so cool, even as the romance stakes reach the melting point. And what about his Rio de Janeiro wardrobe, which needs to keep him resplendently elegant through days and nights filled with innumerable Caipirinhas, endless dancing and a multitude of stolen embraces? It consists of a multi-pocket travel jacket by Holland & Holland, in Holland & Sherry lightweight wool; a Henry Poole Cool Wool evening suit in Charles Clayton fabric; wide-legged Scabal Cool Wool trousers cut by the wonderful Kathryn Sargent; a dazzling blue blazer cut by Richard Anderson; and a drapey-chic Anderson & Sheppard cream suit with patch pockets. Join the English Gentleman on his last day in Mayfair as he gleans, purloins and acquires vital accoutrements, such as a resplendent Lock & Co. folding panama hat, dashing sunglasses from Cutler & Gross, a superb camera from Leica and an array of shirts from the legendary Budd Shirtmakers, before attending an impromptu send-off held by his closest chums.

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