British inspired, Italian influenced: The stylish men of Rose&Born

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There’s a lot we know Sweden for- Absolut vodka, Volvo but few are aware that a nascent men’s suit outfitter has been making waves on the sartorial scene in a very big way; we’re talking about Rose&Born. This British inspired Italian influenced Swedish haberdasher has been capturing the collective attention of street photographers and the internet #menswear blogging community since their 2010 campaign.

The sartorial trinity of Arvid Kjelleryd, Carl Davidsson and Joakim Svärdh, owners of Rose & Born.

The sartorial trinity of Arvid Kjelleryd, Carl Davidsson and Joakim Svärdh, owners of Rose & Born.

Rose & Born: designed for street photography

The creative direction of the brand is nothing short of Agnelli-esque (sartorially speaking) and if I could proffer an opinion, the extremely viral nature (web-wise) of their lookbooks prompt me to believe that if you’re out in a Rose&Born suit, you’re a prime candidate for street photography.

Counting Anderson & Sheppard as their favourite Savile Row marque (not surprising considering Per Andrson, the under cutter for Scholte was himself Swedish born), the influence is palpable as among the three main suit styles, one of them, an Anderson & Sheppard-ish soft shoulder Italian/American style with a higher button stance.

While they are not a bespoke tailoring house, Rose&Born founded in 1989 Stockholm, is absolutely serious about their craft. Working exclusively Italy’s leading weavers and  suitmakers, their in-house accessories are nothing to scoff at either- Crockett & Jones shoes and knit ties, it’s pretty much an IKEA for menswear. We spoke to Carl Davidsson (a third among the trio of current owners Arvid Kjelleryd, Carl Davidsson and Joakim Svärdh) just before Pitti and got the lowdown on the up and coming maison.

The band of sartorial brothers.

The band of sartorial brothers.

You’re one of the better known Nordic suiting brands, are tailoring outfits rare in Sweden or just quiet?
Actually I don’t know how well-known we are, however I do know that we are appreciated among our customers. People come to our store from all over the world because they like the look we present, the service we give and they tell us that we inspire them.

Tailoring outfits are rare in Sweden, however most businessmen in Stockholm are well-dressed and want their suit to be selected and fitted. Swedish men are fashion conscious and want to be well-dressed also on free time, they desire a personal style with care for details. Furthermore, international trends influence the style of the Swedish men.

Do any of you have any tailoring experience?
None of us has tailoring experience but I have long standing experience of “made to measure” since I ran a small studio with MtM (Made To Measure) by appointment only. We do have knowledge in tailoring and work closely with our tailor(s).

Inside the boutique, the Rose & Born world is a venue of rakish refinement and elegance.

Inside the boutique, the Rose & Born world is a venue of rakish refinement and elegance.

What is the background of the owners?
Our common background is of course in fashion. We have known each other for many years but in 2008 the perfect match came true when we took over the brand Rose & Born with the vision to create collections that appeal to people from all continents. Since then we have been working hard to form Rose & Born with the characteristics; fabric, quality, color and cut, together with experience, expertise and handpicked suppliers. We strive to contribute with style to gentlemen of all ages and inspire them to look handsome in every occasion.

What are Rose & Born’s influences in terms of design and cut?
We always try to put our own stamp on every item. The design and cut of Rose & Born is unique. Every season we select colors, fabrics, details and accessories from handpicked suppliers to create “The best of style” outfits and to offer a complete selection of made-to-measure menswear. The made-to-measure service we offer is one of the cornerstones of Rose & Born and very appreciated among our customers.

Do you feel Rose & Born follows Neapolitan (Italian) or English cut?
Definitely Italian cut.

It says on your website that visitors to the store “will meet Rose & Born’s owners”- is this true?
Of course you will meet the three of us in the store. We believe in service quality and think it is very important to take care of our customer in the right way. Thus, we try to be close at hand in any time and responsive to our clients´s wishes.

Edwin Nenzell is the youngest of the sextet of Rose & Born collaborators, even the owners agree he's the best dressed among them.

Edwin Nenzell is the youngest of the sextet of Rose & Born collaborators, even the owners agree he’s the best dressed among them.

In addition to meeting you, you state that your customers get to meet your employees Klas Morling, Edwin Nenzell and Richard Andersson- Who are they?

  • Klas Morling, a right handed former hockeyplayer still hard working but now in a suit. Extremely organized, service-minded and considerate.
  • Edwin’s father is in the fashion business and as as result, he was practically born in a double breasted suit. He is our youngest staff member but definitely our most well dressed.
  • Richard Andersson, former member of the Swedish national team in dance. Our own stylist with a passion to create looks for you to adore in the store and at our website.

If you had to pick a Savile Row favorite, which tailoring house would it be?
We don’t really have one favorite at Savile Row but if you insist it’s Anderson & Sheppard. We are inspired and influenced by many things, designers and especially places like Milan where you can spot the chic guy grabbing an espresso or three older gentlemen discussing yesterday’s soccer game.

Tell us more about Rose&Born Su Misura.
Our “Su Misura”- service is made in Parma (Italy), allows our customer to exclusively create his own suit, jacket or pair of trousers by selecting out of over 500 fabrics. The fitting as well as other details such as buttons, lining, pockets and stitching is custom-made. The starting price is from SEK11 500 (approx USD1800) for a suit and SEK9 500 (approx USD1490) for a jacket, they are fully canvased and the fabrics are from the best suppliers in Italy. It takes 4-5 weeks to get a “Su Misura- suit”.

Shop Rake essentials once you're done suit shopping.

Shop Rake essentials once you’re done suit shopping.

Are your jackets fused or hand canvased?
At the moment they are all fused in the regular collection but fully canvased in the su misura line, both collections feature working cuff buttons. For the AW 2013-14 we will have fully lined jackets which are all hand made in the north of Italy.

Tailor Shamoon is mentioned quite prominently- who is he? 

Mr Shamoon is a first class tailor from Lebanon. His business is next door and he is present in our store every day. The collaboration is of value for both of us, and also for the customer, who can get adjustments made immediately for a perfect fitting.

Complete this sentence- A man is most elegant when…
…he wears a well fitted navy blue suit. Women feel affection for a man in a uniform. My advice will be; wear the gentleman’s uniform – a navy blue suit, white shirt and a formal tie – and you’ll be elegant.

What is one important style tip you can share with our readers?
The tailor is the man’s best friend. The fitting is the most important part in your success to dress well.

What’s next?
Next chapter of the Rose & Born story is the launch of the highly anticipated web shop.


8 thoughts on “British inspired, Italian influenced: The stylish men of Rose&Born

    • Hi Victor,

      The term came up when we were discussing Lapo Elkann, cover star of our latest issue. It was used to describe the descendants of Gianni Agnelli and how both John and Lapo dressed with the same flair.

      You have a great blog over there!

      Jonathan Ho
      Group Editor
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    • Hi Victor,

      Both stories have different authors and whatever descriptive terms used during a meeting doesn’t necessarily get into print. In this instance, I guess the term “Agnelli-esque” had a more emotional appeal to me than my Editor-in-Chief Nick Scott.

      I don’t know who coined it first, could have been you, could have been my Editorial Director, but either way, it’s brilliantly descriptive. You (and my boss) certainly beat me to the punch but the bright side is my vocabulary has been enriched by plus one. :)


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