The Summer of Brioni

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During an interview with The Independent, American master photographer Slim Aarons was once quoted to have a career built on a foundation of “Photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” Indeed, his iconography and calling card to fame was in fact for a spread called- the Kings of Hollywood where Rake incarnates Clark Gable, Van Heflin, Gary Cooper and James Stewart photographed in tuxedoes having drinks at a bar. This summer, Brioni channels Aarons and revives the glamour of this gilt edged lifestyle.

Brioni SS 2013 collection

It’s important to give some context to the prestige that is Brioni suitmaking. Brioni employs some 900 tailors, producing around 200 suits a year, each requiring at least 30 hours work- a quarter of these for VIP customers, their bespoke suits ranging from $6,500 to $48,000; so when Brioni unveils a lifestyle collection for men looking to spend their weekend at a country club having a picnic or enjoying a game of croquet, it’s not hyperbole in so much as National Geographic being mistaken for the sci-fi channel.

The highly Rakish collection stands out, a literal endorsement of the work hard play harder lifestyle espoused within these pages- accent pieces like fire engine red jackets and pastels like the iridescent silk dinner jackets in teal blue and raspberry red are integral garments to a usually funereal wardrobe of any serious gentleman.

Of important note to upstanding playboys is the “Jardigan”- a re-introduction of a classic Brioni cut from the mod-fifties updated to modern proportions. Made from fine wool crepe and cut to a body hugging tailored fit, this unlined blazer weighing in 110 grams is the ultimate wingman in any man’s sartorial arsenal. If anything else, having the lightest weight blazer in the world, a testament to Brioni tailoring I might add, is one to keep for rabid light packers who still wish to dress well.


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