A good read: The Rake David Gandy edition

Posted on November 7th, by Jonathan Ho in Arbiter, Rake-commends. 4 comments

The Rake issue 24 featuring David Gandy is out on the stands now and while critics may decry this self-plug as an attempt at vainglorious self promotion, I feel it still doesn’t detract from the fact that it IS a good read and more importantly, it’s available in world saving, climate change averting digital editions for iPads and Android devices via Zinio. Get yours online now. [Click here to subscribe]

Editor’s Picks from The Rake Issue 24

Luxury items with a twist for those who enjoy tweaking the nose of convention occasionally. From top: Santoni brown alligator sneakers, S$7,500; Gucci gusset soft briefcase in cocoa Cuba lambskin with horn top handle, S$5,480; Louis Vuitton silver arrow with feather lapel pin, S$805; Burberry walking umbrella with hound handle, S$1,425; MB&F Hm4 Thunderbolt in red gold with titanium case and handstitched calfskin strap, S$324,200; Paul Smith metallic gold interior billfold wallet, S$360; Finlay & Co. Ledbury ebony handmade wooden sunglasses, S$275; Zilli blue Croco cotton-denim jeans, S$3,000.

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4 thoughts on “A good read: The Rake David Gandy edition

  1. Hi Jonathan

    I am really enjoying The Rake. Unfortunately, the November issue doesn’t appear to be selling online yet via Zinio, I can only download up to issue 23. Any idea when it will be available to purchase online?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Simon,

      We’re glad you are enjoying The Rake.

      And we’re really sorry to keep you waiting but the November issue will only be available next week.

      Jonathan Ho
      Group Editor
      Digital Content
      The Rake

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